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The BACKGROUND Of China Motorcycles

The first motorcycle was likely built in 1885 by German inventors Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach, although motorized bicycles were present in the eastern United States as early as 1865. Regardless, a motorcycle typically comprises two wheels with one being a front wheel and the other being a rear wheel. These wheels have a central hub, which rotates about an axel that is connected to the motorcycle frame. Additionally, the rear wheel is typically the drive-wheel, whereas the front wheel is not usually powered.

China Motorcycles

August 1951, China officially has begun to trial, production of motorcycles, cars by the then People's Liberation Army Beijing with Liu Chang completed a system of five heavy military motorcycle trial tasks, named by the Central Military Commission Jinggangshan card.

The car speeds up to 110 kilometers per hour. By 1953, annual production exceeded Jinggangshan brand motorcycles 1000. The advent of Jinggangshan motorcycle, marking China's motorcycle industry has opened up a new era.

The past 30 years, China's motorcycle industry growth rate faster. Yield from the product point of view, with an annual output of 49,000 from 1980 to 1990 the development of 970,000, and today, more than a thousand million, China became the world's largest motorcycle production country, motorcycles have been become a pillar industry of national economy - an important part of the automotive industry.

Future of China Motorcycles

Motorcycle through a hundred years storm, is moving towards newer, faster, safer direction.
The introduction of the modern motorcycle industry a lot of advanced technology.

Such as the Harley - Davidson launched in 1998 FLHRC-1-type motor, the engine uses the world's top automotive engine technology - fuel injection equipment, not only improve the power, but also for the environmental needs of contemporary society, has become a 21st century motorcycle pioneer.

The electronic control system for optical communications, radar distance control system, electronic map navigation systems, sound systems, high-tech electronic muffler motorcycle in a number of concepts in the use of the modern motorcycle is more perfect, more a shocking . Of course, no matter how it changes, we can see the shadow of a hundred years ago Dai car. Here, Daimler should be deeply gratifying.

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