Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Automotive Evolution: Most Sophisticated Car Safety Technologies

The automobile industry has massively evolved since the invention of the first steam engine in the 1700s. Automobiles have gone a long way in terms of speed, design and function. On top of all that, the car manufacturing industry also ventured into engineering a more safe car design for people.

The call for more sophisticated car designs in terms of safety and security rose when car velocity constantly increased through time. Add to this the disturbing accident rate caused by reckless driving. Currently, though, Ajax car dealers can attest that car safety technology proves to be rapidly improving. In fact, the concept that constitutes car safety has changed fundamentally.

Before, seatbelts defined passive car safety technology, which paved the way for the creation of active safety measures.

Passive technology highlights safety by reacting to the accident, while active measures aim at preventing the accident. Active car safety technology harnesses the power of advanced computer intelligence and the car-based radar system. These components make it possible for most drivers to do quickly decide before the accident happens. Others just cannot care less while some critics argue that the sophisticated car technology makes for more lazy and aggressive drivers. However, such critics will not stop the automobile industry from developing more safety features for drivers.

Subsequently, one of these new car safety technologies includes Electronic Stability Control (ESC). The anti-lock braking systems required in most vehicles now, inspired the creation of ESC.

This interesting new technology ensures the safety of the vehicle with its capacity to sense and reduce slips. Auto Durham specialists can attest that ESC detects loss of steering control and automatically applies the breaks to help steer the car where the driver wants it to go. Breaks are automatically applied to individual wheels: outer front wheels to counter over steering and the inner rear wheels to under steer, whichever is applicable under such circumstances.

Moreover, another sophisticated technology developed is the Distance Control System. This concept borrows from the existing technology of collision warning, but outsmarts it. Unlike its predecessor, it highly works on preventing accidents from taking place. This electronic system helps drivers limit the distance between their car and the object in front. The system intelligently determines the distance of the car in front and computes for the speed of both cars by using a radar sensor attached to the car’s fa├žade.

Lastly, an existing technology uses an integrated system of cameras that guide drivers if their cars are out of lane. It is popularly known as Lane Departure Warning System designed to alert the driver and passengers that the car is moving out of its current lane on the road. This highly sophisticated system, which some Ajax Chrysler models have, aims to reduce accident rate by dealing with the main cause of collisions: human error.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Automotive Repair: 5 Things To Consider

Automotive repair is necessary for those who have been in a car accident. Automotive repair is also necessary for those who are having serious problems with their vehicle. This type of repair is even necessary for those who are looking for small changes or fixes on their vehicle. Auto repair covers a wide range of situations, making it one of the most important actions for those who have a vehicle.

There are a couple of different things that you are going to want to consider in terms of having your vehicle worked on. Thinking deep into your automotive repair will help you to be completely satisfied with the results.

Experience of the Repair Shop

Most repair shops are willing to explain to you the expertise that their different staff members have. Many will proudly tout the number of years of experience that they have between the various staff members. Take the time to look into the experience that owners have. While certifications and recommendations are important, prior experience is something to be sought after.

Cost of the Parts

Talk to different automotive repair shops about the cost of the various parts they provide. You want to know that if you need new rods or new pistons, you are getting the parts at a fair price. While you should expect a small up charge for parts that range from windshield wipers to piston rings, you should not pay far much more than the initial sale price.

Cost of the Labor

You also want to get quotes from different automotive repair shops to understand exactly how much they will charge for labor for the exact fix that you need. Different locations have slightly different costs. Doing some research may be able to save you some money on your repair without forcing you to sacrifice time or quality.

Wait Time

While you may get a loaner car or a rental car while your vehicle is worked on, you want to make sure that the job is completed as quickly as possible. More time means a higher cost for your repair. When getting quotes from each repair company be sure to ask for a quote on time.

Certifications and Recommendations

Certifications and recommendations are important. You want to make sure that the automotive mechanics all have the proper licenses, and that they have multiple recommendations. Look for ASE Master technicians and look for AAA approved auto repair certificates, as these are some of the most important things to find when choosing a mechanic.

While you may need to put a little bit of extra thought and action into your automotive repair, you will be happy with the results. These various considerations are going to help you to make sure that you get your vehicle fixed as it should be. Something that cannot be taken for granted. You have the tools to get the best automotive repair possible when many must deal with poor repair jobs or repair jobs that simply do not meet various personal standards.

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wholesale Automotive Diagnostic Tools

Do you have an experience that when you drive your car and the engine light on, how do you solve this problem? Go to an automotive shop or solve it by yourselves? All you have to do is plug a diagnostic tool into the port of your car, and your tool will send the information about the error to your car.

Professional Tools Professional automotive diagnostic tools always have friendly interfaces for different brands of cars. The most important is that they can read different car systems and show the error codes. You can purchase them from automotive stores which are specializing in wholesale these tools.

Stand-Alone Tools Stand-Alone tools are convenient to use.

You just plug the automotive diagnostic tool in your car, and then the code concerning the problems will light up on the screen. You can accord the manual to look up the code. So you can solve the problems quickly. Some diagnostic tools have their own screen, it will show the codes. After you repaired the problems, "check engine" light will turn off.

Tools Using a Laptop Owning a PC, you can get know the data stream easily. As these tools come with a USB cord, so PC can be used as the screen of these tools.

In fact, these tools which without screen are cheaper than those come with screen. PC as your tool screen can make troubleshooting quicker but also save your charges on buying a diagnostic tool which comes with a screen. You can analyze the data better.

Automotive diagnostic tools can point the problems on your car. They are really worth you to invest. The charges which you spend on your car can direct cut down. Youroscilloscope.com is an online wholesale store. You can choose a diagnostic tool depend on your needs. More information, check out!

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Quarterly News Sphinx Asia News

Sphinx Asia Wealth Management News Letter 1st Quarter 2011

We are recommending five (5) stocks for immediate purchase to implement a portfolio sector and issue shift in equities that emphasizes the undervalued nature of corporate assets where the whole is priced at less than the sum of its parts. This situation is emanating from segments of the Chinese market.

We have, as well, a certain turnaround situation in the US industrial sector. In addition, we are the beneficiaries of some highly regarded private research, that our clients have successfully relied upon in the past, to identify terrific opportunities in emerging industries and technologies; all poised for big quick moves once these fundamental realities become evident to main stream investors.

We also have a new recommendation in the gold market where we have generated substantial gains for our clients in the past.

From these recommendations, our clients will have great opportunities for massive gains over the next 6 months to 2 years. These 5 stock picks are now must own positions that will move higher regardless of overall market sentiment.

Buy Gammon Gold (NYSE: GRS)

Buy Yahoo!, Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO)

Buy General Motors (NYSE: GM)

Buy GreenCell Technologies (XETRA: GT5.DE)

Buy DirectView Holdings, Inc. (OTC.BB: DIRV)


Gammon's recent exploration success forms a core of my updated investment thesis. During the first half of 2010 alone, Gammon discovered three new deposits at its Ocampo gold and silver mine, and it swiftly replaced nearly two-thirds of estimated 2010 production with
127,750 gold-equivalent ounces (GEOs) in new reserves. One of those three deposits, Santa Eduviges, has been fast-tracked for development, and production is expected to commence any day now.

Capital Gold's (AMEX:CGC) board has unanimously endorsed Gammon's proposed merger. The pro forma company emerges as a titan among the smaller mid-tier gold producers. Capital Gold's El Chanante mine will double Gammon's gold reserves to 3 million ounces -- apart from Gammon's existing trove of 66 million ounces of silver. Gammon sees pro forma production averaging 230,000 ounces of gold per year for 2011 and 2012 at a jaw-dropping production cost of per ounce.

As of Sept. 30, Gammon held a cash balance of 7 million and carried a debt-to-equity ratio of just 3.7%. Between that capital strength and the prospect of a Capital Gold merger, I see a golden opportunity to capitalize upon one of the industry's most promising turnaround stories.

A forthcoming preliminary assessment of Gammon's Guadalupe y Calvo project, a cementing of the Capital Gold merger, and impressive reserve expansion from that successful 2010 exploration campaign could all provide dramatic upside catalysts during 2010

We recommend the purchase of Gammon Gold (NYSE: GRS) at .00 per share

From these recommendations, our clients will have great opportunities for massive gains over the next 6 months to 2 years.

For more Details of our Quarterly News Letter: see www.sphinxasia.com

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Automotive Equipment Distributors And Suppliers

If you are looking for automotive equipment distributors you don't have to worry as most of the things are available online.  You can get the most comprehensive list of tools and equipment, through distributors specializing in auto equipment supplies. These equipments are high-quality and you can get a wide range of choices too.

You can browse through groups of equipment which include light and heavy tools and hand tools as well. The websites for automotive tools and equipment are your one stop shop for design, sales, service and installation of equipment for automotive shops, fleet maintenance and the commercial market.

The equipment is of the highest quality and durability. There are regular promotions on specialized equipment which are available at discounted rates from automotive equipment distributors. The ranges of products available are extensive and are divided into organized categories, from which you can select according to your requirements.

Heavy Equipment

This grade includes auto lift equipment among which are mid-rise, in-ground, two posts and four posts, motorcycle lifts and specialty lifts among others.

Among auto lift equipment you can find bumper lifts, wheel alignment lift parts accessories and adaptors. You can find Hunter wheel alignment parts too in this range.

Heavy automotive equipment includes brake lathes accessories and parts, nitrogen accessories, wheel alignment, tire changing equipment and wheel balancers. You can find the best welding tools, plasma cutters and metal lathes among these categories.

Light Equipment

If you are looking for diagnostic, AC and emission categories of equipment you can find it in this category.

Auto repair service companies can find the best range for all their needs. This range includes auto lifting equipment such as axle jacks, clutch and fly wheel handlers and . Service station solutions can be found among which brake repair systems and fluid management among others are. Electrical system, headlight aimers, heating and cooling, lighting equipment are of various types. Exhaust ventilation accessories, components and systems are also available.

Hand Tools

Automotive equipment distributors have a range of hand tools which fall in various categories.

* Power tools: among these are impact guns, heat guns, ratchets, flashlights and dc/ac power invertors and hammer drills among others.
* Pneumatic: angle grinders, cut off tools, hammers and chisels and rock drills.
* Specialty: these tools include exhaust service, fuel injection and pump, and general service tools.
* Paint and auto body: the specialized tools in this category include paint curing systems, compounds, cleaners and waxes, buff polishing and sanding among others.
* Hammers: these are of many types including dead blow and peening.

Under miscellaneous category range, you can find propane torches, personal safety equipment, parts cleaning tools, manuals, books and service guides and many others.

Automobile equipment distributors supply the finest range of equipment which can enhance the productivity of any automotive related businesses. They have the best solutions in automotive accessories of all types for every need. You can register online on their website and shop for any category securely and easily. You get the best automotive tools through online equipment distributors.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Auto Industry Marketing

Because of the automotive industry's problems with recalls while trying to battle the poor economy, the people in car dealer marketing have had to become more prepared in terms or who to target for what vehicles and more creative to get people interested in the product. Car dealer websites have had to become more efficient when it comes to being easy to navigate and understand in order to drive customers to various dealerships. Over the past few years, it has been interesting to see how different auto companies have come to target very specific customers with their advertising campaigns. This article gives three different examples of automakers that have been able to narrow their consumer market to a pretty small fraction of total auto consumers, simply through their advertising campaigns.

The Toyota Sienna is pretty clearly marketed towards those customers who have families.

Their latest television commercials feature parents who before they had children, said they never wanted a mini-van now love their mini-van because of all the space and the ability to play movies or television shows for their kids. The commercial even shows the mother having a relaxing moment in her mini-van. So not only is the commercial targeting moms and dads with kids, it has narrowed its market even further by targeting moms and dads who never intended or intends to have a mini-van. Toyota is attempting to make it appear that cool moms and dads can drive mini-vans and enjoy it at the same time.

The Mini-Cooper is targeted towards the young, hip crowd. The mini-cooper targets those who want to have fun with their vehicle and those who want a more personalized experience with their automobile. In large cities, mini-cooper has screens that send a personalized message to the individual driving the car as soon as the sign registers that specific car is in the area.

The Nissan Cube is marketed towards the young, ages 16-25, market with its pricing and customization features. This automobile can be customized anyway the driver wants. There is even an online site where a consumer can go to try different seat, dashboard, and outside paint colors. There are also different options in terms of features of the car, like a CD player or built-in satellite radio that is unlike most other automobiles. The pricing on these automobiles is set lower than the average automobile to entice the younger people to purchase this kind of vehicle.

It is very interesting to see how each automobile industry is starting to segment their market. With every automobile, you will be able to see a very clear difference between each when it comes to how the vehicle is branded and sold to customers. Another very recent example of automakers targeting specific markets is Toyota with the Prius. The Prius is marketed towards those who care about the environment and those who like to be the first to have the latest technology. It will be interesting in the coming years to see how the auto-industry is able to handle the economic downturn


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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Can GM Revive Its Old Dominance in Auto Industry?

General Motors Corporation (GM) (NYSE: GM), is a global automaker founded in 1908 with headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. It is the world's second-largest automaker after Toyota, ranked by 2008 global unit sales. GM was the global sales leader for 77 consecutive calendar years from 1931 to 2007. It manufactures cars and trucks in 34 countries. GM employs 244,500 people around the world, and sells and services vehicles in some 140 countries. In 2008, 8.35 million GM cars and trucks were sold globally under the following brands: Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, GM Daewoo, Holden, Hummer, Opel, Pontiac, Saab, Saturn, Vauxhall and Wuling.

General Motors executive Fritz Henderson has been hard with Obama administration to restructure GM and bring it out of the recession. However all the steps being taken by the two would only help in survival.

They are not building a company that is innovative. To be successful in auto industry as soon you loose the top position you should be ready to completely change all the wheels. Ford accomplished it in 1930's through Model T and assembly line. This enabled manufacturing at ultra low cost. GM accomplished it in 1960's through outsourcing to vendors in US and not manufacturing every component by themselves. This helped in introducing large variety of models at low cost. Toyota used lean principles in 1980's to enable manufacturing high quality cars at low cost and finally 2000's was the year when Toyota and Honda introduced fuel efficient and hybrid cars to leave competition behind.

The Obama administration is just trying to reduce GM cost structure making it lean and also helping it introduce cost efficient models.

This might help it survive but not make it number 1. So what will be next frontier which can make GM number 1? The answer lies in fulfilling the last human dream, the dream to fly. The government should sponsor a 3-5 years project similar to what Kennedy did for launching man to moon. GM and Chrysler should be merged into one entity maybe even Ford can join. They should be provided with all the resources of NASA, US army, and Lockheed Martin to device a car that can fly.

Why would flying cars concept be successful?

I am going to assume the bright scientists of our country will make the flying cars idea feasible in real life. Assuming that lets examine the benefits of such an innovation:

Commute times: in the current world an average person wastes around 1 hr a day in traffic. Introducing flying cars would solve the traffic problems and bring efficiency to the system.

Redefine American auto sector: American cars are currently tagged as gas guzzlers which anyone can replicate compared to German cars which are are known for performance and Japanese for Quality at low cost. A car that fly can supersede all three human needs of: Quality, Cost and performance.

Environment friendly: By moving cars to air more land would be available on ground to plant trees. Also the current coal tar, asphalt and concrete that is required for building roads which cause lot of pollution will not be required any more.

The Obama administration needs to rethink their strategy whether they want to continue keeping US the number one country by its unique innovation and taking lead in ground breaking technologies or just another dying country with nothing great in hand.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Where To Find The Best Auto News On The Web?

Automobiles, particularly cars, are indispensable parts of our life. Every other day worldwide, new models of cars are rolling out from their manufacturing units in millions. Yet the fancy for more and more convenience, upgraded facilities, colors, shapes and designs never dies. Manufacturers of cars – both the world-renowned companies and those locals restricting their supply within their respective countries – are striving hard to please the consumers in every way possible.

Looking back in the history of car designs, we have come far away from the vintage models. Compared to today’s cars, they were moving in a snail’s pace. But remember, they were wonders, looked up with open jaws in those days. What this means is people are crazy in looking for changes and anything new never fails to attract attention.

Car lovers belong to a separate world of their own. They starve for information of new cars arriving at the world-market and everything from their design to technical features provided is perceived by them with renewed appetite. The Internet has shrunk the world into a small village, where events happening every minute is flashed across for everyone to see, wherever they are in any part of the globe.

This squarely applies for flashing news, information and updates about cars and the car manufacturing industry. Websites dealing in this niche carry a maze of information to feed the undying appetite of car lovers. They have everything that is interesting to them, information under various heads like – Car Concepts; Electric Cars; Featured blogs about Cars continuously updated; Car Industry news carrying hot and lovely photos of interior and exterior profiles of assorted cars; New Models of cars and their photos from different angles with technical features; Off-beat news stories about cars, funny and bizarre; Tuning news bits comparing different kinds of cars; and all the updated information about cars in a separate page.

If by chance, an outsider stumbles upon these sites, surely he or she will be awe-stricken to see all these photos and news bits. But not a true car lover. It is for the very purpose of informing this particular sections of people as to what is happening in the car manufacturing industry, these sites carry those web pages. Not only this – the enormous links provided in these sites take the viewers, to the related sites of interest, to correlate the information found on those sites with more exhaustive information.

The question is where to find the best Auto News on the web? Well – among the innumerable sites out there, it is really a daunting task. Filtering through some qualifications will help – truthfulness, innovativeness, categorization, photography, and enormous useful links –and this way, only a few pass the test such as www.autostream.org. Therefore, Car lovers, dealers, technicians and other commercial businesses engaged in cars can go there to get benefited.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Which State had the Best Auto Industry

There is no doubt that Michigan State had the best auto industry in the United States: Detroit is nicknamed “The motor city” after all. The automotive industry in Detroit contributed to a strong labor force as well as steady economic development as this city is where the headquarters of the three biggest auto makers in the United States, Ford, General Motors and Chrysler were located. The recession had its biggest toll on the automotive industry in 2008/2009 as this time period saw these giants almost toppling and having to ask for bailouts and loans as well as having to make decisions to merge.

What toppled the Michigan auto industry?

It is no secret that the recession hit hard and fast in a time where corporate spending was irresponsible and downright reckless and people were led to believe that unlimited amounts of credit were available. The Detriot auto industry crashed because of the drastic increase in gas prices, the sudden crash of the credit companies, and the inability of auto makers to correctly assess the market thus producing expensive gas guzzlers instead of energy saving economical vehicles.


As far as automotive makers go Ford definitely packs a big punch; it ranks behind GM in the United States and fifth in the world. Ford in 2008 was credited with producing over 5 million vehicles and employing over 200,000 individuals worldwide. In 2009 these figures dropped as the economy crashed and almost took Ford with it.

General Motors (GM)

General Motors is now the world’s second largest automotive manufacturer ranking only behind Toyota of Japan. General Motors is responsible for 209,000 jobs in 157 countries, and it has always had a great responsibility to the city of Detroit, state of Michiga, and the overall American economy because of the massive amount of jobs it provides as well as its general economic contribution. 2008 and 2009 were disappointing years for this company because even though total vehicles sold in those years amounted to 2,980,688 and 2,084,492 respectively, these numbers were nowhere near the 4 or 5 million vehicles that General Motors is accustomed to selling.


In early 2009 overall sales reported by Chrysler world-wide were poor; sales of vehicles overseas declined by 30%. This drastic drop in sales as well as an overall poor performance prompted Chrysler along with General Motors and Ford to ask for a bailout from the government. Chrysler eventually went the way of merging with Fiat in June 2009 instead of continuing to pursue the government bailout.

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Auto Shipping Industry - Too Hazardous To Exist?

Everyone in the modern world is discussing the environment and expressing their concerns with words such as sustainability, greening, recycling, means of ecological protection and the replacement of fossil fuels with biomass-type energy. These words are pretty much inventions of the mid 20th to 21st centuries.

Along with the horror stories of global warming, the auto shipping industry is facing serious scrutiny as an environmental hazard. It remains, though, that auto shipping is a valuable service, much in demand and is not going away soon. The industry does bear responsibility for its environmental impact and is taking a hard look at two of the major problems besetting it, those of ground waste and ecological destruction. Let's take a look at a few of the ways the industry can alleviate some of its environmental dilemmas.

Automobiles are infamous for the air pollution they cause but you don't see many people giving them up totally for a bicycle. Cars are convenient, add to our productivity and social connections while at the same time disdained like the auto shippers for their damage to the environment through toxic emissions, oil production and shipping disasters and planned obsolescence factors. The production of automobiles is material and labor intensive and distracts attention from other possibly more noble environmental causes.

The damage done to the environment by automobiles and the shipping of them is not a trivial concern. At the same time there is constant global demand for them. What's needed is to find a balance between efficient business practices and environmental issues to give people what they want without causing harm to our planet's natural resources. The major auto shippers have embraced this idea by creating better containers, robust computerized scheduling and advanced inventory management systems to help alleviate the negative impact their industry has on the environment.

The auto industry for their part has brought to the table such eco-friendly advances as hybrid and electric cars. Toyota's Prius is an early example of this, waking up the rest of the automobile manufacturers to the viability of such an endeavor. The auto shippers might look into taking some of the technology the auto industry has embraced and adapt it to their own usage or use it as a springboard toward further advances that would make sense to their industry.

We the people of the planet place untold pressures on the environment in our need for convenience, practicality and luxury. We have also been made painfully aware of how much we are damaging our world by refusing to delete the automobile from our daily lives.

What is wanted here is a united front of all of us working together to help the environment and save it from destruction. Businesses can do the same by getting together with environmental engineers to come up with new technologies and business practices that will alleviate the harm done to the planet so our descendents will continue to have a world, and hopefully, a better one.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

How to Detail your Automotive Properly

Washing your car or truck is important since your vehicle is definitely an outward representation of what you are as a person. In fact, the car is a great way for people to somehow identify what you are as an individual; showing off a dirty old car can say a lot of things against you. But on the other hand, if you clean your car properly and make sure that it is very presentable, you can rest assured that people will also feel and think that you are an individual who is responsible as well as one who knows how to handle his or her own self properly.


Nowadays, caring for your automobile and washing it properly needs a detailed look as well as finesse, this is because most of the car paints systems nowadays are eco friendly and they are now very delicate. The paint that is now being used for automotive purposes needs to be up to standards and this will also mean that the car's paintjob should be handled delicately and properly without causing any damage and harm to it during the cleaning process.


First of all, you need to do would be to make sure that your materials good enough to do both cleaning and protecting your car's paintjob.

There are tons of towels and cleaning cloths that can be used but not all of them can work well and effectively. Choosing the right towels is vital because you should use it in virtually every part of the cleaning from using the soaps and detergents, to scrubbing the body clean and drying and even during the polishing process.


Find a towel that is gentle enough to avoid scratching your car but also durable and rough enough to try to remove all sorts of dirt on your car like mud, tar and other kinds of impurities which has affected the finish of your car's paintjob.

If you actually use a wash mitt, you will actually be able to clean your car properly. Some wash cloths just tend to move the dirt around and even spread it all over and this is why you need to have a much more effective solution to clean your car properly.


Some Microfiber wash Mitts are very efficient at absorbing dirt and wiping it away from your car body, the micro fibers within the mitt will absorb out the dirt deep inside the paint and it'll effectively allow you to clean your car properly.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Add Style To Cars With Automotive Car Accessories

Car accessories are as important as the car. They play an important role in making the car smooth and comfortable and adds class to the car. Majorly due to the class factor, the car markets all over the world are flooded with automotive car accessories. There are also different varieties of car parts flooding the market. They can be anything from shift knobs, steering wheels, roof racks, music decks, spare bulbs and so on. For instance, if one wishes to attract attention to tyres of a car, they can use those shiny rims which are extremely stylish and modern. It makes the car look attractive and irresistible.

Another instance, is the headlights. These days, the L.E.D headlights have become a rage in the most category of automotive car parts. If one likes to attract attention to one's car, these headlight will play a huge role in that. They illuminate the way through either dusty or foggy weather. These lights are useful irrespective of if one is crusing the narrow city roads or the highways.

Most car owners concentrate on the exterior accessories of a car. What they do not realize is, the interior of a car is just as important. Without great interiors, a car is just like a delicious candy wrapper without the candy inside. Such a car can does not draw much attention or attraction. There is a comprehensive range of accessories designed for both, the interiors and the exterior of a car. There are many accessories customized to meet the needs of different makes and designs of cars.

There is no shortage of interior automotive car accessories either. For instance, the sound system in an automobile is called a discount audio system. The audio system is usually in the form of an audio player or a CD player or a taper player. At times it can also be a video player. The sound system is, at times also called the Head Unit. The audio system has undergone a lot of changes, too. Before stereo radio had hit the markets, cars usually had an audio system which was located on a dashboard. Some cars even have amplifiers and they add volume to the beat.

There are other additions which can add to the attractive quotient to one's car. For instance, there are steering wheel covers in smooth leather material which add or atleast convey the idea of luxury and classiness. It also feels comfortable and soft under the hands. Then there are gear knobs which can be accessorized as per one's taste and choice. One can use aluminium plated gear, it adds a great shine and it may also divert a by stander's attention away from other less attractive aspects of the car.

Adding automotive car accessories can give a personal and homely touch to the car. For instance, the car floor can also have carpets, just like the carpet in one's house. There are car seat covers and mats which are available in different sizes and colors.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Winterizing your Motorcycle

If you live in a cold weather climate, sadly, another riding season is about to wrap up.  Soon the snow will be falling.  Now is the time to get your bike ready for winter.

Here are some tips to protect and preserve the bike so it is in the same shape you store it in come spring time.  Some preparation now will ensure that you are out riding in the spring instead of waiting in line at the dealers or fixing it yourself in your garage.

 1. Location

If possible, choose a location away from windows. The ultraviolet light can fade paint and plastic parts.
Direct sunlight can raise the ambient temperature of the storage area which will promote condensation when the sun goes down, so cover plain glass with some sort of opaque material.
Cover your bike with a specially designed bike cover, not a sheet or a tarp.  These materials will promote rust underneath them.  A specially designed motorcycle cover is made of a mildew resistant, breathable material.


Change the Oil

Even if the oil is not due for a change, byproducts of combustion produce acids in the oil which will harm the inner metal surfaces.

Warm the engine to its normal operating temperature, as warm oil drains much faster and more completely. 
Change the filter and add fresh oil.

3. Add Fuel Stabilizer and Drain Carbs

Fill the tank with fresh fuel, but do not overfill. The correct level is when the fuel just touches the bottom of the filler neck. This gives enough room for the fuel to expand without overflowing the tank when temperature rises.
Shut off the fuel petcock and drain the carburetors and the fuel lines. Add fuel stabilizer to prevent the fuel from going stale, and help prevent moisture accumulation.  It also prevents the small ports in your carbs from gumming up.

4. Lube the cylinders

Note: You only need to do this if your motorcycle will be stored for 6 months or longer.

Remove the spark plugs and pour a tablespoon of clean engine oil or spray fogging oil into each cylinder. Be sure to switch off the fuel before you crank the engine or else you may refill the drained carbs!
Ground the ignition leads to prevent sparks igniting any fuel residue. Turn the engine over several revolutions to spread the oil around and then reinstall the plugs. Refitting the plugs before cranking the engine could result in a hydraulic lock if too much oil was used in the cylinder.



 5. Battery Storage

The battery must be removed from the motorcycle when it is in storage. Motorcycles often have a small current drain even when the ignition is switched off (dark current), and a discharged battery will sulfate and no longer be able to sustain a charge.

A conventional battery should be checked for electrolyte level. Add distilled water to any of the cells that are low and then charge the battery.
Battery charging should be performed at least every two weeks using a charger that has an output of 10% of the battery ampere hour rating. 
Be sure to store in a warm area off of the cement floor, as the harsh winter temperatures are hard on batteries.

6. Surface Preparation

Waxing and polishing the motorcycle might seem like a waste of time since you are putting it away and no one will see it. But applying wax is a very important part of storing your motorcycle.  Wax will act as a barrier against rust and moisture.
Don't forget to spray any other metal surfaces (such as the frame or engine) with a very light spray of WD-40. This will keep these areas shiny and protect them from corrosion as well.

 7. Exhaust and Mufflers

Mufflers are known to rust fast when they are not used, so making sure they are properly stored for the winter on your bike will save them from any rust. 

Spray light oil (such as WD40) into the muffler ends and drain holes.
Lightly stick a plastic bag (shopping bag is fine) into the end of each muffler hole (to keep moisture from getting inside the exhaust).
Cover each muffler with another plastic bag to keep outside moisture off.

 8. Tires

Check both front and rear tires with your air pressure gauge. Make sure each tire is properly inflated to the maximum recommend pressure.
As it gets colder, air condenses in your tire so it is important to pump them up as to keep your tires healthy. Rubber is a flexible material and does not like to freeze (it cracks when it freezes). It is wise to keep the tires off of the freezing floor.  JS Jacks’ Big Wheel Motorcycle Lift work great for winter storage.  It keeps the weight of the bike off of the tires as it sits through the winter and prevents flat spots.
DO NOT use a tire dressing on tires (such as Armor-All or tire cleaning foam) as this will make the tires hard and slippery.

 9. Service all fluids

If the brake or clutch fluids haven't been changed in the last two years (or 11,000 miles), do it now. The fluids used in these systems absorb moisture. The contaminated fluid will cause corrosion inside the systems, which may cause problems when the motorcycle is used next spring. 
If you don't have the experience to service these systems, contact your dealer for assistance.
If your motorcycle is liquid cooled, the coolant requires changing every two years or 24,000 or (15,000 miles). Make sure that the engine is cool enough to rest your hand on it before draining the system.  Coolant/antifreeze is available from your dealer and has been developed to provide the correct protection for your motorcycle engine. Mixed 50/50 with distilled water will ensure a clean system for the next two years (or 15,000 miles).

 10. Cover it.

Now you can cover the bike with the cycle cover and look forward to the first warm day of spring!

Now is the time to get your Sled Jack for the winter season!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Acai Berry - For Digestion

The eating habits and patterns have undergone a tremendous change in the past few years. Eating out has become the latest trend. With life moving on a fast track, people often tend to eat what ever is available at a short notice, thus compromising on the quality and nutritional benefits of the food. The multiple food chains of the fast food giants also join the bandwagon by bombarding their commercials each day, in and out. These unhealthy eating patterns severely damage the digestive system and often lead to serious medical problems.

Many products are known to aid digestion and one such name is the acai berry. When compared to other fruits, acai berry stands out as it has ten times the antioxidant content than blueberries. This high antioxidant element is what aids the digestive system. Also rich in fiber the acai berries speed up the metabolic rate and burn more calories.

The antioxidants and essential fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6 aid in expelling out the harmful toxins from the body which lead to unhealthy complications.

The three components required for the smooth functioning of the gastric system are fatty acids, fiber and physosterols and these three are abundantly found in acai berries.

These elements are known to strengthen the cell membranes of the digestive tract, help in detoxification, increase the metabolic rate and keep constipation at bay. Thus acai berries are very beneficial for the overall smooth functioning of the digestive tract and keep gastric and digestive problems away.

The acai berry can be taken in any form. It is available in freeze-dried powdered form which is used to make smoothies, juices and other health drinks.

One can also consume it by way of capsules. However if one can avail fresh juice of the acai there is nothing like it. A glass of juice daily will work wonders for the overall health profile of a person.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Digestive Problems Symptoms

This system actually strengths your digestive system in a bouncing make ... by helping you choose little-known fasting and style tweaks that you can apply within hours!
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And in the two age since I publicized it, thousands of group crosswise the Cyberspace love victimized this group ... and succeeded in drubbing IBS. Upright manuscript low the attender and reading finished both of the unsolicited testimonials on this industrialist). Those equal people are now uptake the foods they screw, and experience the high-energy, no-hassles period they deserve.

You might deprivation to metamorphose completely unfixed of any digestive troubles. Or you power be perception for a few strategies to eat finer or the medicines doctors normally urge.

Or maybe you've run finished every aggregation on the market and finally require assemblage that vindicatory activity.

Whatsoever your position, if you impoverishment to love a healthier digestive group, this group instrument meliorate you get there faster.

You'll get all the information you demand almost squatty word and interminable period assistance from this life-sucking healthiness. And this is the ONLY direction method that focuses on preservation the Dig Justification of sensitive viscus, so that it never resurfaces and disrupts your mode again.
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There's no disentangle, no nonsensicality in "Goodbye IBS". I didn't bloat up the matter conscionable to excrete it seem yearner so that "you get your money's designer". I'll Exclusive exhibit you things that energy, because as a quondam sufferer I understand your solicitation in seeing embossment.

Remember I told you virtually my own journey if finding IBS peer? I've picked out the gist, the mortal parts, and what really entirety in additional books, medical journals, and studies and superimposed them in my system as substantially, so that you get to see the "object situation".

After version and applying the techniques revealed in this system, you'll shortly earn manipulate of your viscus's behaviour and be fit to start belief swell active your eudaimonia because you bonk with implicit quality that you are gently alterative the stabilize create of an sensitive bowel.

It'll transmute so much easier for you to enkindle up with solon vigor, pay attention to additional aspects of your period, eat the things you suchlike, and so on. (Yes, you CAN know the being that "typical" people do.. only if you assure that you're treating the difficulty that's effort your sensitive gut)

Grab A Copy Sound here


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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Review the Auto Trend from color changing

Several years ago, the colors of auto are reined over by black, white and grey. However, in recent years, colorful cars are appeared on the road, which is beautiful scenery of a city.

From building a cart behind closed doors in the initial time of liberating and the stones from other hills after opening up, to flower blooming in nowadays, the Auto industry of China has walk through a long way. Review the development history of Chinese auto color, we can find out the huge changing of material life and aesthetic culture. It seems that in one night, car has become a mass consumer product and rapidly popularized among Chinese family.

The cars made by China self are numerous, like Geely, Chery, BYD, Chang’an, Dongfeng and so on. To the auto industry, the self-owned brand has an epoch-making significance, however while to the trend, the appearance of these two cars hasn’t brought too much new idea for the self-owned brand cars.

Gradually, with the power strengthen self-owned cars, and more and more cars of joint venture, from 2003, Chinese cars burst forth an unbelievable increment speed.

From the development of Chinese cars’ color and trend, what we cannot forget are Chevrolet Lechi and Geely QQ. These two cars closely related to each other, they also change consumer’s understanding to small car. Especially the taint yellow and green of QQ break the reining situation of Black, White, Red and Grey.

Though taint yellow and green blow a fresh air to the Chinese car market, it is Chang’an Benben that makes the bright color widely known.

The khaki color of Chang’an Benben changes low tone of Chinese cars’ color.

The color changing of car and innovation of auto attach the eyes of special color organization. In October, 2009, Chinese trend color release a report of auto color that the orange, blue and burgundy will be the popular color. Without question, these colors are so popular in the market and welcomed by mass.

From single to colorful, trend and color develop with the development of Chinese Automobile Industry’s development. In 2009, China had become the largest car market in world. With the development, the Chinese car will also become the basic of leading world car’s trend.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Automotive Battery Chargers

Most modern cars are now fitted with a low maintenance battery and these either require little electrolyte topping up and in some cases, none at all. This is a result of advances in automotive technology where alternators ensure that the battery is not subjected to an abnormal voltage charge.

The battery charger that you use in your workshop needs to be as versatile as your vehicle's charging system to ensure that your battery's life if not cut short by a defective process.

The big problem encountered with maintenance-free or sealed batteries is gassing, this is where electrolyte is lost as a result of too high a charge. Battery chargers designed to deal with these maintenance-free batteries are referred to as automatic and they cut off the voltage between around 13.8v and 14.5v to prevent gassing taking place.

Some of these automatic chargers allow the battery to be permanently connected, topping up the charge when necessary.

This float charge is very useful when you have a motor caravan or a car that is laid up for a length of time. CTEK and some of the Gunsons range of chargers are designed with this function. These chargers also have reverse-polarity protection with a built in cut-out feature and are supplied with a decent length of cable and obviously, a decent pair of clips. CTEK produce a lead where the charger can be fitted to the engine compartment of a vehicle and plugged into the mains when required.

The Calcium/Calcium battery began being fitted to vehicles with SMART charging systems from 1997. Failure to fit the correct type of replacement battery could result in damage being caused to your vehicle's electronic control unit; so it is absolutely vital that you fit the correct battery to your vehicle and invest in the correct charger to maintain it.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Automotive Troubleshooting With the Right Scan Tools

Automotive troubleshooting will begin with a scan tool for modern automobiles. Whether you take your car to a mechanic or plan on fixing the problem yourself, the process of deciding what is wrong with your car is left to a scan tool. There is no more guess work which can cost you hundreds of dollars in repairing things that aren't wrong as it used to be when the mechanic had a "hunch" of what the problem was with your car. Scan tools for automobiles allow you to diagnose even the smallest of problems with your car.

From the backyard mechanic to the most high tech automobile dealership garages, you will find that they will use an automotive scan tool of some kind to diagnose the problem with your car. The only differences in them will be the price. Some machines go for thousands of dollars and some for under , it just depends on how much you are going to be using it.

If your income depends on your mechanic skills to make your living, you will want a nicer one that diagnoses a wide range of cars, trucks and SUVs.

If you are the general Mr. Fix-it in your family and around your neighborhood, it will pay you to invest in a nice scan tool to add to your tool collection. It can save you hours of guesswork to own a nice one and not to mention that always being able to tell someone what is wrong with their car will keep you the "all-knowing" friend or family member that people know they can rely on.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Becoming an Automotive Technician

Auto technicians use both wrenches and computer programs with equal ease..  Cars today operate with the assistance of computer systems that control heating and cooling systems, fuel feed, ignition and and several of the conveniences such as the sound system and GPS programs.  The challenges for auto technicians today include the traditional variations in design and functionality used by various auto makers.  Equally challenging is the fact that auto producers continually upgrade the technology used to operate today's vehicles.

You can study with auto manufacturers.  In order to keep auto technicians up to date many manufacturers operate training schools  who want to learn from the source.  Nissan, BMW, Toyota and Ford all offer training programs that lead to certification. Continuing education is also offered by many of the other auto makers; sometimes those courses are available at automotive vocational schools.

The changes in both design and complexity for the inner workings of automobiles change much more rapidly today than a generation ago

Choose an area of expertise.  Most auto technician training facilities separate their teaching into three areas:  Basic auto repair, collision repair, and diesel maintenance and repair.  Diesel mechanics typically work on  buses and trucks.  The salaries for all three of these options have a variation of about ten percent among them, according to the Department of Labor.

Many automotive professionals seek certification.  The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) offers a testing program that leads to certification, a factor that can be important to employers.  The general requirement for taking the ASE examination is two years of experience in the field, but graduation from an automotive vocational program can be substituted for one of those years.  For automotive repair alone, there are eight specializations such as brake repair and ignition systems that are available for ASE certification, each with its own exam.

Consider whether your preference is working for a dealer or for a repair shop.  This isn't a decision you need to make immediately, your school offers special courses for individual brands, as some do. Usually selecting one of these additional courses adds a few weeks to the educational program, which are generally about a year in length. If you choose to study the workings of Volkswagen or BMW autos, for example, it will be an excellent addition to your resume but may limit your options for seeking employment.

Give some thought to becoming a manager. Some automotive vocational schools include classes in business management and the oversight duties involved in running a shop. If you want to learn these skills at the beginning of your career, find an academy or community college program that includes them.  And whether or not you choose to pursue management opportunity,  continuing education will be a part of your life.  A good question on a job interview is whether or not the employer pays for refresher courses for the staff professionals.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Recent Trends in Auto Accidents

You need a car accident attorney to ensure that your rights are not trampled upon in case you are involved in a traffic accident. Statistically speaking, car accidents are some of the most common causes of personal injury in the United States. In 2006 alone, it was reported that over 42,000 Americans have died in car accidents.

Analyzed carefully, this puts traffic accidents worse than the Korean War and the War in Iraq in terms of killing Americans. That is why, it is imperative that you have ample protection not just physically, but also legally if you find yourself in an accident.

When handling cases, an auto accident lawyer may get references from your state's Traffic Accident Records System being kept by the State Highway Patrol, the office tasked to provide statistics on the characteristics of car accidents. By knowing the most common causes of car accidents and harrowing experiences described by victims of such accidents, your lawyer will be able to build an airtight case against the party at fault when an accident happens.

Factors like speed, crash circumstances, driver age, and alcohol influence are all documented in traffic records system to provide insights on the causes of traffic accidents.

Still, your attorney may have a bit of good news for you. The number of traffic accidents in the state and generally all over the United States has been drastically going down in the past 2 to 3 years. This figure is computed based on the fatalities that occur per one million miles of driving. Authorities report that the current trend is actually the lowest in US history, with just a little over one percent fatalities per million miles. So, what has triggered this very favorable situation on the road?

Your lawyer will tell you that the current trend in auto accidents is a direct result of the massive drive to educate drivers on traffic rules.

And slowly but surely, the United States have aggressively implemented smart and driver-friendly steps to bring down the total car fatalities in the country. For instance, most drivers now heed the call for wearing seatbelts at all times. New road designs are also much safer now for vehicles compared to those used a century ago. Still, accidents do happen and you need to have effective representation to present your case in court when that day comes.