Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Automotive Evolution: Most Sophisticated Car Safety Technologies

The automobile industry has massively evolved since the invention of the first steam engine in the 1700s. Automobiles have gone a long way in terms of speed, design and function. On top of all that, the car manufacturing industry also ventured into engineering a more safe car design for people.

The call for more sophisticated car designs in terms of safety and security rose when car velocity constantly increased through time. Add to this the disturbing accident rate caused by reckless driving. Currently, though, Ajax car dealers can attest that car safety technology proves to be rapidly improving. In fact, the concept that constitutes car safety has changed fundamentally.

Before, seatbelts defined passive car safety technology, which paved the way for the creation of active safety measures.

Passive technology highlights safety by reacting to the accident, while active measures aim at preventing the accident. Active car safety technology harnesses the power of advanced computer intelligence and the car-based radar system. These components make it possible for most drivers to do quickly decide before the accident happens. Others just cannot care less while some critics argue that the sophisticated car technology makes for more lazy and aggressive drivers. However, such critics will not stop the automobile industry from developing more safety features for drivers.

Subsequently, one of these new car safety technologies includes Electronic Stability Control (ESC). The anti-lock braking systems required in most vehicles now, inspired the creation of ESC.

This interesting new technology ensures the safety of the vehicle with its capacity to sense and reduce slips. Auto Durham specialists can attest that ESC detects loss of steering control and automatically applies the breaks to help steer the car where the driver wants it to go. Breaks are automatically applied to individual wheels: outer front wheels to counter over steering and the inner rear wheels to under steer, whichever is applicable under such circumstances.

Moreover, another sophisticated technology developed is the Distance Control System. This concept borrows from the existing technology of collision warning, but outsmarts it. Unlike its predecessor, it highly works on preventing accidents from taking place. This electronic system helps drivers limit the distance between their car and the object in front. The system intelligently determines the distance of the car in front and computes for the speed of both cars by using a radar sensor attached to the car’s fa├žade.

Lastly, an existing technology uses an integrated system of cameras that guide drivers if their cars are out of lane. It is popularly known as Lane Departure Warning System designed to alert the driver and passengers that the car is moving out of its current lane on the road. This highly sophisticated system, which some Ajax Chrysler models have, aims to reduce accident rate by dealing with the main cause of collisions: human error.

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