Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Auto Industry Marketing

Because of the automotive industry's problems with recalls while trying to battle the poor economy, the people in car dealer marketing have had to become more prepared in terms or who to target for what vehicles and more creative to get people interested in the product. Car dealer websites have had to become more efficient when it comes to being easy to navigate and understand in order to drive customers to various dealerships. Over the past few years, it has been interesting to see how different auto companies have come to target very specific customers with their advertising campaigns. This article gives three different examples of automakers that have been able to narrow their consumer market to a pretty small fraction of total auto consumers, simply through their advertising campaigns.

The Toyota Sienna is pretty clearly marketed towards those customers who have families.

Their latest television commercials feature parents who before they had children, said they never wanted a mini-van now love their mini-van because of all the space and the ability to play movies or television shows for their kids. The commercial even shows the mother having a relaxing moment in her mini-van. So not only is the commercial targeting moms and dads with kids, it has narrowed its market even further by targeting moms and dads who never intended or intends to have a mini-van. Toyota is attempting to make it appear that cool moms and dads can drive mini-vans and enjoy it at the same time.

The Mini-Cooper is targeted towards the young, hip crowd. The mini-cooper targets those who want to have fun with their vehicle and those who want a more personalized experience with their automobile. In large cities, mini-cooper has screens that send a personalized message to the individual driving the car as soon as the sign registers that specific car is in the area.

The Nissan Cube is marketed towards the young, ages 16-25, market with its pricing and customization features. This automobile can be customized anyway the driver wants. There is even an online site where a consumer can go to try different seat, dashboard, and outside paint colors. There are also different options in terms of features of the car, like a CD player or built-in satellite radio that is unlike most other automobiles. The pricing on these automobiles is set lower than the average automobile to entice the younger people to purchase this kind of vehicle.

It is very interesting to see how each automobile industry is starting to segment their market. With every automobile, you will be able to see a very clear difference between each when it comes to how the vehicle is branded and sold to customers. Another very recent example of automakers targeting specific markets is Toyota with the Prius. The Prius is marketed towards those who care about the environment and those who like to be the first to have the latest technology. It will be interesting in the coming years to see how the auto-industry is able to handle the economic downturn


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