Saturday, July 14, 2012

Review the Auto Trend from color changing

Several years ago, the colors of auto are reined over by black, white and grey. However, in recent years, colorful cars are appeared on the road, which is beautiful scenery of a city.

From building a cart behind closed doors in the initial time of liberating and the stones from other hills after opening up, to flower blooming in nowadays, the Auto industry of China has walk through a long way. Review the development history of Chinese auto color, we can find out the huge changing of material life and aesthetic culture. It seems that in one night, car has become a mass consumer product and rapidly popularized among Chinese family.

The cars made by China self are numerous, like Geely, Chery, BYD, Chang’an, Dongfeng and so on. To the auto industry, the self-owned brand has an epoch-making significance, however while to the trend, the appearance of these two cars hasn’t brought too much new idea for the self-owned brand cars.

Gradually, with the power strengthen self-owned cars, and more and more cars of joint venture, from 2003, Chinese cars burst forth an unbelievable increment speed.

From the development of Chinese cars’ color and trend, what we cannot forget are Chevrolet Lechi and Geely QQ. These two cars closely related to each other, they also change consumer’s understanding to small car. Especially the taint yellow and green of QQ break the reining situation of Black, White, Red and Grey.

Though taint yellow and green blow a fresh air to the Chinese car market, it is Chang’an Benben that makes the bright color widely known.

The khaki color of Chang’an Benben changes low tone of Chinese cars’ color.

The color changing of car and innovation of auto attach the eyes of special color organization. In October, 2009, Chinese trend color release a report of auto color that the orange, blue and burgundy will be the popular color. Without question, these colors are so popular in the market and welcomed by mass.

From single to colorful, trend and color develop with the development of Chinese Automobile Industry’s development. In 2009, China had become the largest car market in world. With the development, the Chinese car will also become the basic of leading world car’s trend.

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